Retail Shops


Welcome to my page on Retail Shops. My very first task in retail architecture was to re-position the pedestrian routes that shoppers were provided with, and add an overall revitalised image to a South Coast Department Store in the United Kingdom, and this was without any experience of the subject except for my ability to draw and communicate in three dimensions.

There were no written rules or words at that time that were common to the tasks that I was to undertake, except for obvious descriptives. Each department manager used many words of his own choice for features good or bad within his specific domain. Thus my very first task was to compute those into commonly understood words and phrases to enable me to communicate my intentions in all departments. I borrowed and created most of them as I progressed with the project, with most now used today by my contemporaries as commonplace words. During my early years in the retail industry, I was fortunate to be with some truly talented and dedicated retail experts from whom I learnt much by listening and watching. During those formative years in retail I learnt to recognise, understand and separate, the needs and wants of others. I learnt that the needs and wants of a shopper differ enormously when in a retail environment.

My personal descriptive for the science that underwrites human behavior in a retail environment is RBP, (Retail Behavioral Psychology) which I believe simply describes the actions and reactions that control human behavior in a place of retail.

This knowledge base has been developed and expanded by continued use over forty years and if you visit my e-book on the design and planning of effective Retail Shops, I am certain that you will benefit as I have in this exciting profession

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