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Retail Shop Preview

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PREVIEW: Retail Shop

The following is a copy of the CONTENTS of this e-book.


Definition of a Shop 4


Are you aware of RBP? 5

The Source of RBP; 5


The Psychological tools underlying RBP; 6

The Primary Drivers; 7

The Primary Motivars; 7

Subliminal Motivars to use; 7

The Anti-Drivers and Anti-Motivars; 8

How to manage and provide for them; 8

Do Psychographics matter? 8

Do I need Psychographics for a single shop? 12

What a Design Brief should convey; 12

The Initial Design Concept; 15

The Developed Design Stage; 16

Understanding Category and Tenancy mixes; 17

A Study of a Shopper in a Retail Environment; 18

Signage Recognition the rules of distance from the eye; 19

In-shop signage; 20

How to move people through a Retail Shop; 21

The Decompression Zone; 21

Retail shop depth v width; 22

Customer Flows Plans and how we shop; 24

Barriers and directional objects to divert normal into powerful circulation; 24

How to design to encourage entry into a Retail shop; 24

How to benefit from effective Horizontal Circulation in a Retail shop; 24

The Sales Counter location; 25

How to benefit from effective Vertical circulation in a Retail Shop; 25

What is Point of Sale and how do we Design for it; 26

Retail Theatre; 27

What is Visual Access and how to design for it; 28

In-store illumination; 29

Merchandising and how to Design for it; 29

In Partnership with the Landlord 32



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