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Greenfield Mall Preview

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PREVIEW: Greenfield Malls

The following is a selection from Page 6 of this 34 Page e-book which also contains selected drawings.

The Design Brief

The Catchment Area Psychographic Study;
It may appear that I repeat too many times, but we have to change the way we research, it is absolutely essential that the Mall Owner and Developer commission a full and detailed Psychographic study of the “lifestyle” needs and wants of peoples of the greater area surrounding the proposed site as well as a full documented study of the normal daily needs and wants, before any decision is made as to what the development should provide. This search of the area for users should include the many visitors that are likely to come from beyond the outer perimeters due to the special category and offerings of the new-style Mall environment.

For example, if the Greenfields Mall is based around a ball sports stadium then its visitors will travel from other parts of the home country and could travel from other countries to partake not only of the “game” and its supporting sub-category venues, such as specific retailers of dedicated merchandise but also of the lifestyle activities, health and welfare opportunities and naturally the heavily focused Sports Branded gear and associated products. These centres could have specialised visitor’s accommodation such as a motel, visitor’s residential units for long term ownership and associated residential for the local fancier. These would be located on the upper levels and constructed to suit the occupant’s lifestyle and reflect the raison d’etre of the Mall. Naturally as in all my other books I advise that you must also take into account any opposing development with a retail / residential environment that is currently within user striking distance or likely to be planned in the study area chosen. The study will identify that.

All Psychographic studies should be provided by consumer researchers who are specialised and who use specific psychological analytical tools. These psychoanalysts are more reliable than those who prepare standard demographic and socio-graphic models for such organizations as the World Bank, the IMF and central and local government agencies. Standard demographic reports can generally be purchased from such local Government Agencies and many major Real Estate companies which are usually adequate sources of information regarding common every day demographics. Although those standard reports are an integral to the overall customer profile they are not the complete picture that fully describes this specialised shopper.

I recommend sourcing the real customer profile from such institutions as the local University or a specifically trained retail analyst. The brief that one should give to these specialised Market Analysts is therefore very important, to be assured that the information they gather reflects your requirements. As the Retail Planning Consultant should be responsible for the brief to the Analyst before the creation of the retail environment by the Retail Designer, I have found it very fruitful if all parties to the end product confer before one begins to design because it is critical that your design reflects the raison d’etre for this special environment.

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