Greenfield Malls


Welcome to my page on Greenfield Malls. Shopping Malls in general are still evolving as the Developer attempts to importune the shopper to its own development in favour of others. Attractions such as Cinemas, Sports facilities, Health Clubs, Fitness Centres and accommodation are all a part of today’s offering. The attractions that stand out most in the shopper’s eyes are always those that provide lasting impressions and benefit to the masses. Cinemas in most Western countries today are for selective time entertainment, usually afternoons and evenings which means specific design to enable this to occur without inconvenience to standard shopping hours and of course they provide a pass-time venue for the burgeoning unemployed. Sports facilities can in most instances be the dominant anchor tenant hence providing specific and selective experiences in shopper attendance. Health and Fitness Clubs have been generally successful but are limited to size, with the developer’s ROI minimal. Accommodation will always be an anchor to specific destination locations and could be generally considered as an initial cash flow bonus.

The attraction that stands out most will always be that which provides the best personal comfort feeling to the shopper. Whether the site visit is for entertainment, sports, health, fitness, accommodation or just rest and recreation, as long as is portrays the green image and is socially considerate in the materials and services used it will be accepted and always create an environmental impact upon the shopper that is most remembered and the provide the raison d’etre to return for more of the same good feeling experiences. This is where the principle of a Greenfield Mall provides satisfaction, to know more on this new wave of designed retail environments, visit my e-book on Greenfield Malls               

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