John B. Foreman

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The BOOK on HOW to create a Category Mall

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Welcome to my opening page on Category Malls. This recent innovation of Mall development could have easily originated from three sources, (1) the lessons learnt during the formation of Tenancy Mix Planning in Regional Malls. When reading through my e-book on Regional Malls you will find a section devoted to developing effective Tenancy Mix Plans, this section clearly identifies the essential reasons for category separation and the benefits gained there from, and (2) the needs of small site developers to earn the income benefits associated with retail tenancies, and (3) the call of today’s busy shopper for collective products in adjacent retailers, with the first and last option being more probable. 

Relatively new to organized retailing it has produced some interesting tenancy mixes. From BIG BOX retailing where the essentials of home and family provisioning are collected in one place to AUTO HALLS for parts, accessories and specialties, Big Boys Toys and even a re-vamp of the traditional CRAFTSMANS SOUKH. There are many variations of this format, see my e-book for a range of concepts across various channels also with ideas for selected small sites and to review the faults of the BIG BOX and how to provide a cure for these unfriendly, cold, wind blown giants of retail space which due to size required, and rental return, are of minimalist construction cost, with regretfully inadequate design attributes for the shoppers, read and see how to change this to a successful format.

See also the specific section on the new Category Malls for Family Entertainment that have blossomed in Dubai and now in other countries of the Middle East where features such as Ski Slopes and Aquariums have joined the Cinemas and Theatres in an eclectic variety of themed malls to provide the shopper with extended reasons for staying on site.

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