John B. Foreman

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John B. Foreman, B.Arch, RPC, ASID, FBDS, FFGI, ANZCSC


Soon after graduation in 1962 John had the opportunity to enter the retail industry as the Store Planning Designer for a multi level department store. Developing a passion for all channels in retail from Malls to boutiques, he pursued every opportunity in the UK, Sweden and Denmark with positions such as Design and Manager for a national fashion chain, finally having his own practice in London. His client base was spread from as far east as Stockholm, as far west as New York, and from Scotland in the north to Malta in the south.

He was fortunate to have as teachers and mentors some of the best in the industry, who furnished his repertoire with specialised knowledge in retail psychology with its specific human drivers. In 2006 he created his own name for this specialised psychology as RBP (Retail Behavioral Psychology) a science that is now recognised worldwide.

In search of lifestyle, he selected to share his skills with the knowledge hungry retail industry in the Southern Hemisphere, arriving in New Zealand in 1967 where he still has his home base. His passion for Retail and City Centres development has taken him to many countries as the Lead Consultant or or for Peer (High Level) Reviews. His preference now is to offer service to City Centers & retail developments.

From 2000 he also became a recognised speaker and author on Retail Psychology. This site will continue to be added to, as the industry is developed over time.

Taryn Lunny Biographic Researcher - re-edited 2017

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